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Pediatric Speech Therapy


Speech Therapy Consultants aim to provide high-quality, evidence-based speech therapy services at our private practices located in Highland Park, NJ and Edison, NJ. With a deep understanding of the unique needs of our pediatric patients, we offer a wide range of specialized pediatric speech and language services to enhance communication skills.


Speech-language evaluations and therapy sessions are provided in our family-friendly offices in Edison, NJ and Highland Park, NJ.

At Speech Therapy Consultants, we specialize in the evaluation and treatment of pediatric speech and language delays and disorders. We are committed to providing high-quality and evidence-based therapies for children and adolescents who are experiencing communication challenges.


At Speech Therapy Consultants, we provide high-quality, personalized therapy and family coaching for:​​​​​

  • Articulation & Speech Sound Disorders

  • Stuttering/Cluttering

  • Augmentative and Alternative Communication

  • Language Delays and Disorders

  • Literacy Disorders

  • Childhood Apraxia of Speech

  • Social Skills / Pragmatics

  • Traumatic Brain Injury

  • Gestalt Language Processors

Comprehensive Pediatric Speech Therapy Services

Highly Trained Pediatric Speech and Language Pathologists


At Speech Therapy Consultants in NJ, our team of expert pediatric speech and language pathologists is dedicated to nurturing your child's communication skills. With extensive training and experience, they create tailored treatment plans addressing speech articulation, language development, and more. We recognize that every child is unique, and their journey towards effective communication is equally distinctive.

Play-Based Learning for Engaging Sessions


Our children's speech therapy services make learning enjoyable. We use play-based techniques, transforming sessions into fun, interactive experiences. This approach motivates your child and encourages speech and language development. You can easily find kids' speech therapy near me with our conveniently located center.

The Benefits of Choosing Speech Therapy Consultants

Experienced Therapists


Our team of licensed and certified speech therapists in NJ is highly skilled and genuinely passionate about helping children. They create a warm and encouraging environment where your child will feel safe and motivated to learn.

Holistic Approach


We take a holistic approach to pediatric speech therapy. We understand that speech and language development intertwine with various aspects of a child's life. Our therapy sessions address these interconnected components, providing a comprehensive and well-rounded experience.

Boy Playing with Blocks

Personalized Treatment Plans


We recognize that every child is unique, and their needs vary. We create customized treatment plans tailored to your child's goals, following initial evaluations.

Boost Self-Esteem and Social Skills


Our therapist will celebrate successes, provide positive reinforcement, and help each child develop confidence in his or her communication abilities. This leads to  more meaningful conversations and increased social participation.

Speech-Language Evaluations

Speech Therapy Consultants offers a variety of speech-language evaluations, including articulation/phonological testing, language testing, and independent, or second-opinion, evaluations. The evaluation process involves collecting a detailed case history, parent interview, and conducting formal and informal assessments.

Speech and Language Therapy

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Speech Therapy Consultants provides speech, language, and cognitive therapy to children and adolescents. We also provide pre-school screenings and services for educational pods/homeschool groups. Our practice provides in-person speech therapy to the communities of Highland Park, New Brunswick, Piscataway, Edison, Metuchen, East Brunswick, North Brunswick, South Brunswick, Middlesex, Bound Brook, South Bound Brook, South Plainfield, Milltown, and surrounding areas. Teletherapy services are available throughout the state.

Teletherapy Services

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We provide teletherapy services for clients in New Jersey, through a HIPAA-compliant online platform. Our speech-language pathologists are experienced in conducting therapy sessions remotely, to children of all ages.

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